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PPP-Projekte rufen nach abteilungsübergreifenden Lösungen mit dem privaten Partner und sind damit Motoren für Kulturwandel.

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EPPPL - European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review

Issue 03/2015

Managing Editor: Prof. Dr. Christopher Bovis
Executive Editor: Barbara Dallinger, dallinger@lexxion.de

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Procurement procedures and Public-Private Partnerships are two major legal and policy instruments of public sector management which link the public and private sectors and provide for the procedural and substantive interactions which are necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of public services. 

Within the quarterly EPPPL, authors offer you insight analysis and thorough interpretation relevant to the state of affairs in Procurement and Public-Private Partnership matters.

At the core of the strategic coverage of EPPPL are many pertinent and topical questions, such as:

  • What are the legal and financial structures which are conducive to Public-Private Partnerships in the 21st century in the EU?
  • How do Public-Private Partnerships deliver public services in the EU Member States?
  • How do Concessions feature as Public-Private Partnerships legal and policy choices?
  • What is the latest state of supervision, compliance and jurisprudence at European and national levels?
  • Is existing procurement regulation leading to more efficient use of public resources or does it result in bureaucratic burden?
  • How are EU rules implemented in the new Member States?

Submissions are welcome: please contact us or upload your manuscript on www.cosis.net/journals/EPPPL. Further details here.