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Speed uppp POLAND

24.04.2013 - 25.04.2013
Warsaw, Poland

Poland has a great potential to deliver a significant number of PPP project to the market. In order to meet this demand and improve the quality of projects coming to the market we have introduced a new series of international PPP conferences called “Speed uppp…”, which is a platform for the PPP industry in the emerging markets to meet, discuss issues and come up with solutions. The Polish edition of this series is “Speed uppp POLAND”, which will take place in the very heart of Warsaw in a unique place with its own history – at the Palace of Culture and Science on 24-25th April 2013.

Most of the investment experts agree that proper development of PPPs require a strong political support and commitment. For this reason the most decisive actors from both the central and the local administration will receive invitations to join “Speed uppp POLAND” and contribute to the common cause which is the growth of the national economy through PPPs.

“Speed uppp POLAND” is the right time and place for all those, who are looking for business opportunities on Poland’s PPP public investment market, a comprehensive market update, enlightening discussions and a superb networking platform.

The program has been specially designed in order to provide in-depth and latest information on themost important issues and risks related to the development of PPPs in Poland as well as to address specific sector related issues within some public domains that require immediate action (education, healthcare, prisons, energy, waste management, roads).

Also attracting foreign investment will be one of the conference’s key topics and it is China we will take focus on. Not less important will be panels devoted to blending EU Funds with PPPs as well as to facilitating PPPs through amending the Polish PPP legal framework.

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